3 Simple Questions:

What can you do when nearly 80% of online learning concepts and platforms fail because of teacher resistance?  

You use eTeach®!

eTeach® is an advanced cloud-based learning management system where any eTeacher can be a publisher! With the latest version of eTeach® LMS anyone can freely design and deliver high-quality, scalable, interactive online education at an affordable cost. All user content is stored on our Socrates’ Cloud™, where it is easily accessible and secure.

Designed using the fundamentals of the Socratic and Harkness Learning Methods, the eTeach® LMS is all about eTeaching. 80% of online learning platforms and concepts fail because of teacher resistance, but with the eTeach® advantage teachers remain at the center of knowledge transfer, without breaking the bank.


 Who should use eTeach®?

Anyone with knowledge or skills and the desire to share them. 

G2 Collective supports a community of teachers. Unlike other systems, eTeach® supports a community of teachers and learners from individuals to Universities and Corporations, who wish to become publishers on Socrates’ Cloud™!

Our eTeach® LMS can deliver training for your sales force, support interaction between your designers, your engineers and your customers in the field, provide continuing education/certification credits for your medical professionals, deliver an accredited Chemistry or English Literature course for your university students, provide an introduction to flip teaching for your K-12 needs, or teach your participants how to play the guitar.

Educational Institutions

When a well known New York City graduate school sought a better, simpler and more user friendly solution to their online challenges, they chose eTeach®!

Businesses and Commercial Enterprises

When a major multi-billion dollar Grocery Distributor sought an affordable platform to train their entry-level high potentials in how to survive and thrive in their corporate culture, they chose eTeach®!

Training, Tutoring and Instructional Organizations

When a western university sought a tutoring platform to supplement their special needs education curriculum, they chose eTeach®!

Government, Not For Profit and Civil Organizations

When a small New York City based Medical Foundation sought a way to raise awareness among high school students and train their nurses about a complicated disease, they chose eTeach®!

Individual Trainers, Instructors, Tutors and Skill Sharers of any description

When a young musician wanted to supplement his income and expand his market beyond his neighborhood by offering online guitar training, he chose eTeach®!

 The eTeach® LMS is so elegantly simple that users and administrators need no training; simplifying your ability to design and deliver any material while the LMS administration components track your students; all through a phenomenally intuitive user interface. Add your own content, save it, multiply it and manipulate it before seamlessly publishing it on Socrates’ Cloud™ for the world to see!

No tutorials, no seminars, no web developers or IT department necessary. With the eTeach® LMS anyone can be an eTeacher and an ePublisher. Share, publish, and distribute your knowledge and skills with our intuitive and affordable online learning management system: eTeach®!


Is eTeach® hard to deploy, use and pay for?

No. It is intuitive and cost-effective.

Fresh, adaptable, and easy to use in all its dimensions, the eTeach® advantage keeps teachers at the center of the knowledge sharing experience without breaking the bank.

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It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…